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Deliver Big Sound With an End-to-End Audio Solution from C2G

​​​​​​​The Audio Reinforcement offering from C2G features everything needed for a complete end to end audio solution. Whether it's the classroom, board room or other learning/sharing/collaborating space - our line of speakers, cables and amplifiers is the perfect solution to deliver the audio experience you're looking for.
Speakers from C2G

C2G offers a variety of speaker solutions ranging from ceiling mounts, wall mounts and 70v speakers. If you can't find what you need below, please check out our entire offering.

4in Wall Mount Speaker (Black)
5in Wall Mount Speaker (Black)
5in Wall Mount Speaker 70v (Black)
5in Ceiling Speaker 70v (White)
6in Ceiling Speaker (White)
Cables from C2G

C2G carries a wide variety of audio cables such as 3.5mm, RCA stereo audio, and speaker wire to complete any classroom, boardroom or learning/sharing/collaborating environment.

1.5ft 3.5mm M/M Stereo Audio Cable
3ft 3.5mm M/M Stereo Audio Cable
6ft 3.5mm M/M Stereo Audio Cable
1.5ft Velocity™ RCA Stereo Audio Cable
3ft Velocity RCA Stereo Audio Cable
6ft Velocity RCA Stereo Audio Cable
18AWG Bulk Speaker Wire
50ft 18AWG Bulk Speaker Wire
Amps & Mounts from C2G

C2G's Audio Amplifier is plenum-rated and connects easily to AV equipment such as projectors, microphones, laptops or DVD players.

Audio Amplifier (Plenum-Rated)
Speaker Mount for 5in Ceiling Speaker - Pair
Plenum Rated Speaker Mount for 6in